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Sine Wave

All Electrical and electronic appliances are designed to use input voltage and frequency which is in a Sine Wave form. Any other wave forms like square /quasi square or any modified wave forms only damage / deteriorate the performance of appliances.

Capacity      : 1 KVA – 3KVA(1 Ph-1 Ph)
Technology : DSP based PWM Technology with High Frequency Switching Type.

Voltage : 1 20V to 280V AC.
Frequency : 50Hz +/- 5Hz.

Voltage : 225V. +/-2%
Frequency : 50Hz +/- 0.1Hz.
Regulation : 225V +/- 1%.
Wave form : Pure Sine Wave.

Over load Withstanding Capacity : 150% Over Load for <1 sec.
Type of Cooling                                  : Forced Air Cooling.
Charging                                              : SMPS with CV CC.

Battery(Type)                                      : Tubular / SMF.
Battery Voltage                                   : 24V to 48Vdc.
Display                                                  : LCD display for all parameters

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